Workshop scope and capabilities
(heavy pieces of plant)

3 metre hydraulic guillotine

3 metre 100 ton CNC pressbrake

80 ton metal worker


Corner notcher 200mm x 200mm x 6mm

Band saw 200mm cut


A small selection of SWS workmanship

Oil Lubrication Skid


Hydraulic forge pipework
running pressure 250-270 bar


Stainless steel pipe work
on gearbox


Oil cooling skid


Foot wash bath


Lockable stainless steel box


Plastic drain pipe work


Stainless steel wall void


Cold store ramp


Louver grill


Stainless steel trolleys


General Steel work


Mild Steel Ramp


Stainless steel elevating conveyor


Stainless steel workstation


Stainless steel spin chiller


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